Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today I've learnt a new Subversion command, but I want to review all subversion usage (in the simplest way...). Here you have the shortest Subversion manual:

svn checkout http://repository_url <- Get a new repository in current directory
svn import http://repository_url <- Uploads a new repository from current directory tree
svn update <- Update your repository copy with server changes
svn stat <- Check files with changes done by you
svn diff filename <- Check changes done by you in a specific file
svn commit <- Update your changes to the server
svn revert filename <- Drop your local changes and update with server version

Here you have the whole reference for the application.

And today's command is:
svn diff -rRelease1:Release2 filename
for checking changes in a file between two releases.

Thanks for it Murray

UPDATE: For creating a new repository on the server it's necessary to do svnadmin create <repo path> --fs-type fsfs

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