Sunday, April 8, 2007

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 released

Finally, after 21 months of constant development, last version of Debian distribution has been released. Oppositely to previous versions of Debian, Etch has a "up-to-date flavour", including last version packages such as Linux kernel 2.6, MySQL 5, PHP 5, Python 2.5, OpenOffice 2.0, Iceweasel (Firefox) 2.0...

I'm using Etch for some months in different beta and release candidates versions, with very good results. For me Debian has been probably the best system for many time, but with a big handicap, versions. Now I think that there is no good competitor for this distribution, for a medium/advanced GNU user.

You can find more information in announcements at Debian page and distribution list.

Convinced? Just download here and enjoy!

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