Thursday, July 12, 2007

Django database texts translated

Django i18n is really good, but an important feature is missing... a very simple way (for users) for translating database stored labels.

I've checked TranslationService on django-utils and django-multilingual, and both work great, but filling data isn't so easy as it could be. Probably the way in django-utils is useful for some kind of applications, but with a multilingual product database in mind, not the best one.

For me interface should be something like that, the simplest way for users in my opinion, probably not so easy to develop:



  1. This is usable when your application has few fields. I developped an application with a lot of fields and it becomes hard to use. The grouping done in django-multilingual looks better (never tried).

    Probably you'll have several translators, so grouping "per language" has more sense than merging all translations and grouping "per field".

  2. Cada feina té la seva eina, oi? ;-)