Saturday, December 8, 2007

TransDb: Django’s i18n for database

Today I've created my own code for having (in Django) fields in more than one language stored in database. There were some other packages, but none of them useful for me (as commented here).

TransDb's main goal is that is simple, for application users, application programmers, and the code itself. Some work is still missing, but there is a working version at TransDb Google Code page.

Any comment will be appreciate.


  1. Very cool, anything that helps to make i18n easier is good in my book.

  2. Have you checked

  3. Hello,
    I have 2 questions regarding your project. Do you have any recommended recipe to handle the language code in url ?
    for exemple I would prefer to have :
    * htt://
    rather than
    *htt:// and let the system decide which language should be presented based on the browser's settings.

    Second question how would you display at the top of the page the current language of the page and all the other possible language.
    Thank you