Friday, October 26, 2007

DSNP 0.11 released

DSNP is a shell script that automatically setups a new Django project, with user custom settings.

It's specially useful for users that create many Django projects following same patterns.

After a first very simple release, version 0.11 has released, that includes many validations for avoiding user errors, support for PostgresSQL as well as for MySQL, and many more improvements. See CHANGELOG for full list.



  1. Very interesting, thanks for another release. I was planning to use a customized version of .10 for future projects, but it seems new releases are coming pretty regularly.

    I noticed in the changelog you're using the newforms-admin branch. Is this stable enough for production use now?

  2. Hello Marc !!!

    good utility !!!

    I think there are some small changes that prevented me to work with dsnp, I will point them here:
    - is not present on my PYTHON_PATH, don't know if is mandatory to have it, but I suppose is just your local configuration. It could be just an option to load it in case it is there.
    - There is a direct dependency between the transdb in the, I think would be enough to just remove it or have as a parameter on the "".
    - I have also problems with (r'', include('testdsnp.www.urls')), because I don't have any in the

    There are also another interesting parameters like:
    - dbtype : (I use to create lot projects from scratch to test some features, and I think your script is really interesting for this). This parameter could be the db engine, to set if you use sqlite|mysql|postgresql and choose a default use for this ... It is very usefull for sqlite which is more than enough for some tests.

    Again this piece of soft seems to be really useful, and probably I just have some lack of knowledge but I am interested on this ;) But I understand that you use this to create production environment while I am interesting more in a testing environment... don't know if both can be on the same tool, what do you think?

  3. Hi Robert,

    DSNP is a script that creates a project automatically with my personal configuration options; probably nobody will use it as is. The idea is that you fill all variables with your own settings, and then it'll be useful for you.

    How I work is using DSNP just for development. When I have finished the whole project I upload it to testing a production environments. I think that it shouldn't be used directly to production. May be if you use a file for each server, then it'll be easier to deploy your applications.

    Thanks for your comments,