Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Learning Chinese (你好 汉语)

Some weeks ago I started learning Chinese. Here I want to post some useful resources in the Internet that can help.

I hope you like it! New recommendations will be very welcome...


  1. Two more website you could add:
    - (lots of free resources)
    - (multlilingual chinese dictionary, english, french, spanish...)

  2. Glad you are enjoying using nciku. If you have any suggestions, ideas or whatever, drop by the blog and comment or you can send us an email directly at

    I've been studying Chinese for more than 2 years now. From my experience progress is very quick at first because it's very easy to form simple sentences in Chinese, but after that first stage the difficulty ramps up pretty quick until you hit the zone. When you know enough characters you really start to see how words can be formed logically; and, by that time, you have seen every radical so its easy to remember the characters.

    You learning in China or somewhere else?

    Good luck with your Chinese studies.

  3. I like Django and study Django. I'm Chinese. So if you like practice Chinese, we can start at Django. :P

    My msn is benluo_at_msn_dot_com, gtalk is benluo_at_gmail_dot_com

  4. i'm chinese too, i want study english ,and i can teach u english,and i'm a programmer.i like django too,so u can talk with me,welcome the people that say english ...
    msn: i'm male

  5. I’m learning chinese in my country, Catalonia
    Ehhh... querrás decir "comunidad"
    Anda nacionalistas, moriros! si no quereis ser españa os haceis una patera y os pirais mar abajo a ver si os come un tiburon o os viola un moraco. O haz lo que dijiste, pirate pa China con tu pasaporte español, pais del que comes y que no lo mereces.